The depth of debt, or to which level one gets into with a misunderstanding of your limits with reality, can and could be, a way out of the negative. I believe this because no matter how deep you stab a knife into your victim eventually it has to come out the other side, even if the victim is yourself. The physical has its front and back, it has its limits, no matter how deep we go. The emotional content of these actions can act like an ephemeral tsunami, crashing into the physical structure’s soul, wearing down the emotional sprit to a grain of sand. Debt destroys your mental structure of confidence (our ego is at stake). It eats away at the fat of your personality and one’s passion to be better than everyone else. In this so-called civilized society, our Super-Egos composed of guilt, love, hate, anger, fear, regret, and rage are connected to the world’s physical limits, and these physical vessels contain emotional bags within them whose psychosomatic value is infinite. The physical has its boundaries, and created value, while the abstract and emotional impacts of actions seem undetermined and volume-less. This collision of the representational and the abstract is where my work draws its inspiration. A place where language and value fail to express our rotten ideals, and finally realize how much we like them; because we are all drowning in our overextended lifestyles, driving Ferraris into swimming pools and hanging ourselves with Tiffany diamond necklaces, choking on the cranberry Foie Gras, but looking great as we are able to extend our credit and finally get the object of our perverse desires.

-Jay Batlle 2005