Middleman 2003-2009

Working fountain in an Elizabethan pull-string toilet with Amstel beer tap, tiles, grout, rubber, pump.

Overall dimensions: 10 ft high

This is a working fountain originally inspired from the famous Mannekin Pis sculpture in Belgium. A traditional figurative sculpture of a young boy pissing into the pond. Middleman takes away the figurative element and makes a continual cycle of beer tap to toilet. I made two versions of this work, one has an Amstel beer tap and the other one has a Kronenbourg 1664 beer tap.

Middleman (Amstel Version) 2009
Middleman (Amstel Version) 2009 (detail)
Middleman (Kronenbourg 1664 Version) 2009
Middleman (Kronenbourg 1664 Version) 2009 (detail)