Horizontal Measurements

Horizontal Measurements 2000

Materials: Balsa wood, paint, metal ruler, ceramic flower pots, costa rican shopping bag

Exhibition history: Now Is The Time, Dorsky Gallery, Queens NYC 2000 published in catalog for exhibition

Reviewed New York Times by Holland Cotter

This was one of the first objects that I created in New York while occupying James Welling’s studio on Greene Street in SoHo.  The piece was inspired by the collapse of a fire escape and my crash landing into New York after being expelled from my studio in Amsterdam.  My intent was to express a read on the social hierarchy in NYC through the city’s architectural elements.  In this example I choose the fire escape as a form to emulate because of its vertical mobility (aspirations of Capitalism) but also its physical dependence on a building.  A fire escape couldn’t exist solely on its own accord; it needs a structure to support its armature.  Like an artist in an expensive city can’t exist on their own, they need resources or patronage to create and live.   I was fascinated that in some cases the fire escapes tiers were different scales, smaller at the top and larger at the bottom, possibly reflecting the scale of classes, maybe a stretch, but youth has it ways of finding meaning in what it needs too? Every time this piece was exhibited, it was “rebuilt” then stepped on, or broken for the new location, so that it eventually it would be destroyed.