American Cowboy 1999

Series of 16 4 x 8 photographs edition of 10

            “Moving to new places can always be hard, making friends and adjusting to a new environment………”             I crossed the ocean just to find myself….   For this work I set up a 35mm camera on a tripod in my new studio in Amsterdam.  I asked various people to sit on the orange couch with me and take a photo (a nod to Freud).   Each person put on a cowboy hat and then we posed for a souvenir together.  The hats said Buffalo Bill Show on a yellow ribbon. They were given to me as a present from a Dutch person, because I was from America, so I had to like these hats.   I had never been so American in my life until I moved to another country!  Plus I hat wearing hats.  This work was a way to document my my new social scene here are my new friends.