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Artist Jay Batlle: World’s Best Doodler?

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Jay Batlle’s A Tender Celebration (2007).Image courtesy of the artist, Saatchi Online, 

Charles Saatchi’s trendsetting army of the artistically inclined have long tracked emerging artists on the ever-expanding Saatchi Online, and through next week, Chelsea gallery Sara Tecchia Roma has installed a selection of the blog’s best and brightest discoveries. Take Jay Batlle’s Times-based doodle, A Tender Celebration. All of us doodle, but not all of us do so in the form of Géricault’s Raft of Medusa. Not too shabby. —Rachel Wolff


Izumi Shiokawa

by Johnny on June 25, 2008

Every country seems to have their doodlers. The U.K. has Andre Jordan and David Shrigley, the U.S. has Jay Batlle, and Japan has Izumi Shiokawa. (I’m sure other countries have their own, I just haven’t discovered them yet.)
Shiokawa has been featured in a lot of magazines lately and just completed a show over at IDEE Jiyugaoka.


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