1996-98    UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, Bachelor of Arts
 1998-2000 De Atelier’s 63, Amsterdam, Holland Postgraduate Studio
     1997     Levinson Foundation Scholarship
     2000    De Atelier’s 63,  Artist In Residence, Amsterdam, Holland
     2014     Mana Contemporary Artist In Residence, Jersey City
 Selected Collections:
 Artothek MuseumCologne, Germany
 Soho House Group, London, Chicago, Istanbul, New York, Berlin
 2021 Foundation, NYC
 Mana Contemporary Collection, New Jersey
 The Hammer Museum,  Los Angeles, CA

Solo Exhibitions: (click on links to see exhibitions)
 2017 Closed For Business Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile  (publication)
 2015 Salad Days Esso Gallery, (For Artissima) Turin, Italy
           Grade Pending Esso Gallery (at Ierimonti Gallery), NYC (publication)
 2014 Between Meals Bleecker Street Arts Club, NYC
          NAKED RAVIOLI Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow, Russia
 2013 Parties of Six or More Norfolk Library, Norfolk, CT
 2012 Parties of Six or More Nyehaus (Chelsea) NYC
             Gourmand AFP Galleries Fuller Building, NYC
 2011 Sauce  Américaine Clages, Cologne, Germany
          Free Lunch Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile (publication)
 2009 Cutting Out The Middleman Nyehaus (Gramercy Park), NYC
          RESTAURANT - RESTAURANT AFP Galleries Fuller Building, NYC
 2007 Last Minute Reservations AFP Galleries Fuller Building, NYC
 2005 Epicurean Drawings Andrew Roth Gallery, NYC
          Excellent Napkins  1000eventi Gallery, Milano, Italy
 2003 The Trouble With Having A Mother For An Interior Designer 1000eventi  Milano, Italy
 2002 Ten Sculptures Esso Gallery, NYC

Two PersonExhibitions/Performances: (click on links to see exhibitions)
 2015  Il Cattivo Cameriere  San Giors Restaurant Turin, Italy
 2014  Slow & Low with Brett Littman Mana Contemporary, NJ
           Ravioli Nudi, Roza Azora Gallery, Moscow
           Anti-Social Pasta Performance, Bleecker Street Arts Club, NY
 2013 SUSHI-SUSHI performance Simon Watson 73B  The Gerhy, NY
            Finger Food Performance (deviled version) The Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach, Germany
           Wienerfest AFC at Postmasters Gallery NYC
 2012  Please Help Yourself at Nyehaus
 2011  BATLLE RESERVA Clages, Cologne, Germany
           Pots and Pans Private Public Protest with Claudia Alegria, MNBA Santiago, Chile
           Local Wurst Performance w/ Rita McBride and Dusseldorf Academia students Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenossische Kunst, Münster, Germany
 2010  Way Out West Rita McBride Clages, Cologne Germany special appearance by Foie Gras Luxe Sculpture
 2007-6 The Myways ReadingsWhitney Museum & Printed Matter, NYC Short stories by Rita McBride
 2003  Free at Last w/ Matthew Ronay, curated by Ken Freed, Loop Gallery, Berlin
           BatllePagk w/ Paul Pagk, curated by Adrian Dannatt Thomas Erben Gallery, NYC
 1998  A Sound Goodbye Demand w/ Slater Bradley, Studio 870, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions: (click on links to see exhibitions)
 2017  FOOD SEX ART,  MoMA PS1
 Small Works, C A B I N gallery U.E. ,Dubai
 2015 Mana Sculpture Show, Mana Contemporary, NJ
 I Refuse To Participate In Failure  Spreez Gallery Munich
 The Other side, Chelsea Arts Club, London
 Self: Artist in Their Absence, National Academy
 Museum, New York City
 Summer Group Show, Galeria Impakto, Lima Peru
 2014 Things That Do Not Breathe, Chelsea Arts Club, London
 Liverpool Love 2, The World Museum Liverpool, U.K.
 All The Best Artist Are My Best Friends, organized by
 Ray Smith, Glasshouse Museum, Mana Contemporary, NJ
 The Cat Show, Los Angeles, CA
 2013 Dead Inside, organized by Meghan Carleton/Max Wolf
 Bleecker Street Arts Club, New York City
 Inaugural Exhibition, Galeria Impakto, Lima Peru
 Lost Weekend, Simon Watson 73B The Gehry, NYC
 Lonely Fingers, Museum Abteiberg,Mönchengladbach,Germany
 2012 Seymour Surf Your Mind, Galerie Christian Berst, Paris
 Liverpool Love, organized by Christian Furr, Liverpool, U.K.
 #3 Made In China, De Faire Studio, Paris, France
 2011 Now & Then Harris Lindsay, curated by Adrian Dannatt, London
  Everything Must Go, Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York City
 Local Host Ausstellungshalle Zeitgenossische Kunst,
 Münster, Germany
 2010 Swell, Metro Pictures, Nyehaus, & Fredrich Petzel, NYC
  #2 Made In China Faire, defaire Studio, Paris, France
 2009 #1 Made In China Faire, defaire Studio, Paris, France
 Naked! Paul Kasmin Gallery, NYC
 #0 Made In China Faire, defaire Studio, Paris, France
 5 + 1 1000eventi Gallery, Milan, Italy
 2008 Not So Subtle Subtitle curated by Matthew Brannon
 Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York City
 Regional Delicacies: Alef’s art mezze curated Ana Finel
 Honigman XVA Gallery Phillips de Pury,
 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
 2007 And Who Are You? curated by Ana Finel Honigman
 Sara Tecchia Roma Gallery, NYC
 Rock, Paper, ScissorsJudy Ann Goldman Gallery Boston,MA
 Arte Povera: Now & Then Esso Gallery
 2006 Music to My Eyes, Esso Gallery, New York City
 The Food Show, curated by Robert Edelman and Gina Flore
 The Chelsea Museum, New York City
 Mutiny curated by David Hunt The Happy Lion, L.A., CA
 The Monty Hall Problem, by Slater Bradley Blum & Poe
 Los Angeles, CA
 Flex Your Textile curated by Travis Boyer/Ginger
 John Connelly Presents, New York City
 2005 No Facsimile, Fluorescent Gallery, curated by George Rush
 Knoxville, TN
 2004 I,Assassin, curated by Slater Bradley Wallspace Gallery, NYC
 Relentless Proselytizers curated by David Hunt
 Feigen Contemporary Gallery, NYC
 2003 Labor Day curated by David Hunt, Rare Gallery, NYC
 City Mouse/Country Mouse curated by David Hunt, Brooklyn
 Cut the Mustard, Esso Gallery, New York City
 What Am I Doing Here, Esso Gallery, New York City
 Confabulation curated by Peter Dudek, Hunter College, NYC
 2002 The Accrochage Esso Gallery, New York City
 New Attitudes In Sculpture curated by Kenneth L. Freed
 Gallery @ Green Street, Boston, MA
 Now is the Time curated Ken Freed essay by David Hunt
 Dorsky Gallery, Long Island City, NY
 2001 Boomerang Collector’s Pick by Kenneth L. Freed Exit Art, NYC
 Fame Game Drawings Galerie Frank, Paris, France
 Bloodlines Roberts & Tilton Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
 American Sandwich curated by Peter Dudek, Star 67 Gallery
 Williamsburg, NY
 Friction Fiction, Echo Park Projects, Los Angeles, CA
 2000 Future Present Continuous, Sharpe Foundation,
 Bornstein Studio, New York City
 1 plus 1, Refusalon Gallery, San Francisco, CA
 Flat Experiment #1 New York City
 1999 Long Cold Winter in an Endless Nameless, Studio 870
 Los Angeles, CA
 Ministry of Culture Exhibition, curated by Rob Birza and
 Marian Schooten, Atelier’s 63, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Oh my God, I live on the thirteenth floor in Holland, 
  which doesn’t exist inthe U.S., or no?, 
 Cleyndertweg, Space 13, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 1998 No Retreat, No Surrender, Atelier’s 63, Amsterdam,
 The Netherlands
 Idea Show, Beyond Baroque, curated by John Geary Venice CA
 1997 New Memory, Spanish Kitchens,
 curated by Slater Bradley, Los Angeles, CA
 1996 Wall Drawings Jay Batlle, Jessica Wood, Matthew Brannon,
 & Slater Bradley, Empire Lips Theater, Los Angeles, CA
 organized by Roger Herman

PRESS (click on links to see articles):

2016 Collectionair Journal Interview and Short Film
 Issue Magazine Interview by Graeme Mitchell
 2015 I-taly Arts & Culture  Grade Pending
 Mise Magazine  Fuck Yeah,  Jay Batlle,  Interview
 Diner Journal Interview by Emma Mannheimer
 2014   Unhemmed Magazine Issue 3 Artists of Mana Contemporary
 Art In America June  All The Best Artists Are My Friends
  Between Meals Artinfo by Michelle Tay
 Art F City Roast by WHITNEY KIMBALL
 Cat Show L.A. Weekly
 Cat Show L.A. The Wild Magazine by: KATE MESSINGER
 2013 Dead Inside Week In Pictures
 Daily Artspace 5 Things, 5 Chefs
 Artist and Chef Jay Batlle on Pop Art and Food Q&A Artspace Feature Interview By Alex Greenberger
 Table Manners: Turning Restaurant Stationery into Art  Storyboard Feature Q&A for Tumblr by Sky Dylan-Robbins
 2012  The Brooklyn Rail  Spiderman’s Dick for Paper Monument by Norm Paris
 Days of Wine and Roses Seymour Magazine Paris Interview with Alix Janta-Polczynski
 Parties of Six or More Service Industry Interview with Katherine Chan for Mad Perfumista
 The Huffington Post 10 New York Painters, 10 New York Palettes Liz Markus
 Art Diary Jan. 18th 2012  Liz Markus
 2011 The Lovage, Giving A la Lovage, Tarajia Morrell’s Food Blog 12.12.2011
 Free Lunch LATERCERA- Cultura & Entretenció, pg.94 20/8/2011 by C. Mena
 Local Host Mit Sprüchen in der Schale (Slogans in the Shells) Lokales-
 Local Wurst Performance Westfaelische-Nachrichten by Heike Eickhoff
 Kölsche Südsee-Träume Kultur-Ruhr by Von Sabine Müller
 Elle Espanol June Premiere pg. 190
 2010 Swell Art in Review New York Times July23rd by Roberta Smith
 Huffington Post Jay Batlle’s Best Revenge Interview by David Coggins
 2009 Restaurant, Restaurant
 Interview Magazine Daily Blog: “Batlle’s Food Fights” by Ana Finel Honigman
 Vogue Daily Blog: “It Girl” Stephanie Le Cava
 French Vogue March Issue: Images Thomas Dozol
 2008 Not So Subtle, Subtitle
 The Art Newspaper, Issue193: (image) by Adrian Dannatt “Artist as Curator” (image)
 Regional Delicacies: Alef’s Art Mezze
 Artnet, March 24th: “Hello Dubai” (image), by Ana Finel Honigman
 Saatchi Online: “Dubai Diary” 2 parts (image), by Ana Finel Honigman
 And Who Are You?
 M Magazine, April Issue: (image)
 New York Magazine, Art Candy, (image) January 17th: “The World’s Best Doodler”
 You Tube: “Searching For Charles Saatchi”
 2007 Joie De Vivre
 NBC, The Morning Show: “Steak Tartar segment” (image)
 2006 ArtForum Berlin
 Artnet, October,18th: “Horticulture Berlin” (image) by Ana Finel Honigman
 The Monty Hall Problem
 Artnet, August 21st: “LA Confidential” (image) by Emma Gray
 2005 Epicurean Drawings
 Art and Auction, April Issue, by Reena Jana (image)
 The Art Newspaper, March Issue: “New York Diary” (image) by Adrian Dannatt
 The Village Voice, March 21st, by Kim Levin
 2004 Relentless Proselytizers
 Art In review New York Times, August 6th, by Ken Johnson,
 The Village Voice, July 21st by Kim Levin,
 2003 I, assassin
 Frieze Magazine, May, Issue 83, (image) by Michael Wilson,
 The New York Magazine, Feb. 23rd (Page 76), by K.R.
 What Am I Doing Here?
 The Art Newspaper, July- August Issue n.138, by Adrian Dannatt
 Absolute Arts In depth Arts News by Sarah Douglas
 The Art Newspaper, October Issue, n.242, (image) by Adrian Dannatt
 The New York Times, May 25th, by Ken Johnson
 The Trouble with Having an Interior Designer for a Mother
 Flash Art Italia (image)
 Tema Celesta, (image) by Milovan Farronato
 2002 New Attitudes in Sculpture
 Beaux-Arts, August Issue , by Jean Poderas
 Catalogue of the exhibition, May 2002, by Kenneth L. Freed
 The Boston Herald Review, April 21st, by Mary Sherman
 Now is the Time
 Art in Review The New York Times, Art in Review, March 1st by Holland Cotter

Published Writings/ Interviews/Portfolios:

2015  Issue Magazine #5 pages 66-79 on Graeme Mitchell
 2014  R.S.V.P. V.I.P. R.I.P. A portfolio of twelve silkscreen prints with title plate and custom case Edition of 20 + 5 Artist’s and + 5 Printer’s proofs Each 22" x 30" Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist Printed and Published by Gary Lichtenstein Editions at Mana
 2012 Paper Monument, (Essay) Spiderman’s Dick
 2011 Free Lunch, Published by MBNA Santiago, Chile 90 page color catalog
 with Interview by David Coggins, and essay by Patricio Zarate
 Local Host ArtSlant Rackroom interview with Ana Finel Honigman
 The Poet and The City (Artist talk) Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, Germany
 2010 The Huffington Post Jay Batlle’s Best Revenge Interview by David Coggins
 2009 Paper Monument (Essay), Studio Visit Etiquette
 2008 In Dialogue (video) Jay Batlle interviewed live by Adrian Dannatt
 Curated by Doug Wada Sara Meltzer Gallery, NYC
 Saatchi Online Interview Jay Batlle in Conversation with Ana Finel Honigman
 2007 Open City #24 Secret Engines (Image Portfolio) “Places Like This Hate People Like You”
 2006 Highways (Fiction) Short stories by Rita McBride et al., Printed Matter, Inc.;
 Whitney Museum of American Art; Arsenal Pulp Press. 2006
 2004 ISSUE Interview with James Welling
 Issue Magazine, New York, NY. September 2004
 2001 Liminal Nostalgia Press Release for Rita McBride
 Alexander & Bonin Gallery, New York, NY
 2000 In a Times Squared Burger King (Essay) Normative Structures Collapse,
 Emerging Artist Series, P.S.1, Queens, NY. September 2000
 1998 Een Bleek Haus Art Review Article for Metropolis M Magazine, Amsterdam